Fire Point


You are a firefighter: put out the fire and rescue people in danger


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Fire Point is a two dimensional platform game in which players control a firefighter that has to try to rescue all of the people trapped in a series of burning buildings.

In order to do so, you can use a number of different elements. The truck's fire hose will be good, but the folding ladder will also help you enter high windows and get to places that seem inaccessible.

You can also interact with objects inside the buildings, including fire extinguishers and the very people (or animals) you have to rescue. In fact, you might have to grab the people you are trying to rescue and throw them out of the building.

Fire Point has simple but effective pixelated graphics. It doesn't stand out for its technical aspects in general, but it is still relatively attractive.

Fire Point is a platform game with some very fun puzzle touches, and it has a firefighting theme that isn't very common in the world of video games. In addition, it has a number of hilarious references to pop culture or other video games.
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